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Card Services


VISA Debit Cards

Bank of Clevelandís VISA Debit Card is available at no charge.

  • Convenient and easy  
  • Use anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Provide access to funds through ATMs 24/7
  • No ATM fees when using Bank of Cleveland ATMs
  • Can be linked to multiple accounts at Bank of Cleveland.
  • All transactions appear on your account statement
  • Personal identification number (PIN) for added security

VISA Gift Cards

Bank of Cleveland VISA gift card is a prepaid card and can be used anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted.  

  • Convenient, fast, easy, safe and secure
  • A good alternative to travelerís checks when traveling


How to Access Your VISA Gift Card Account

You may view your card/account info at or call (866) 208-3282.

Merchant Services

Bank of Cleveland offers a complete Merchant Card processing program for any business that needs to accept credit cards as a form of customer payment. With Bank of Cleveland's program the merchant is given the option of buying or leasing the equipment at a cost far lower than other processors, and our merchant discount rates are among the lowest in the area. In addition, on-site support, training and printed materials are provided at no additional cost. And since we are local, we can provide assistance immediately if the need arises.

Bank of Cleveland processes transactions for all major credit cards, including VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover. For more info call 478-8421 or e-mail us at



In today's market, small businesses are looking for ways to take control of their finances. At Bank of Cleveland, we have found a convenient way for small businesses to keep an eye on their bottom line - Bank of Cleveland's Business Credit Card.

  • Companies can assign individual credit lines to each card member for easier and more accurate record keeping.
  • Your company also has flexible repayment terms enabling you to pay in full each month, make minimum payments or pay any amount in between.

For an application or more information about Business Credit Cards, please call 478-8421 or email at


Business Advantage MasterCard


  • Interest rate (APR): Variable rate of Prime + 7.9%
    Interest rate does not change for cash advances
  • Annual fee $30.00 for up to 3 cards, $10.00 per card for each additional card
  • 25-day grace period on purchases, no grace period on cash advances
  • Minimum payment is 3% of outstanding balance
  • Payment Options - Consolidated of Individual Payments
  • Report Options - Monthly, Quarterly or Annually Reports of where the cards are being used
  • Cash Advances available through banks and ATMs worldwide (CIRRUS logo)
  • Automatic payment - payment can be debited from checking or savings account
  • 24 Hour Account Access - obtain balance, available credit and last payment date
  • Free initial balance transfer
  • Replacement cards free if a card is lost or stolen
  • All MasterCard Business Card Enhancements
  • MasterRental Insurance Coverage
  • MasterPurchase Retail Protection
  • Master Travel Assistance
  • MasterAssist Medical Protection
  • MasterRoad Assist Roadside Service
  • MasterLegal Referral Service